Treating Alcoholism Term Paper


Treating Alcoholism Term Paper

According to statistical data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of alcohol-induced deaths is 21.634. Certainly, this fact tells us about the importance of solving the problem of alcohol dependence, and you can give your suggestions on it in your treating alcoholism term paper. In this article, you will find some helpful hints for writing. 

One of the major requirements for a treating alcoholism term paper is that it should be properly organized. So, our prompts on how to structure the treating alcoholism term paper will help you with it.

·        Treating alcoholism term paper: Introduction

In this part of your paper, introduce the problem for discussion. Give the general facts about alcoholism, and its definition e.g. “Alcoholism is an irresistible inclination for alcohol caused by psychological and physical dependence on it and leading to mental disorders and personal changes.” If you included the definition of alcoholism taken from some source into your treating alcoholism term paper, you have to cite it according to the rules of the style required. Also, in your treating alcoholism term paper, explain why this problem is worth considering. For example, you may say that alcoholism has overwhelming consequences for society.

·      Treating alcoholism term paper: Data Presentation

In this part of your treating alcoholism term paper, you have to present evidences proving that your hypothesis has merit. You can achieve this purpose with the help of statistical data, real life stories, examples, generally known facts, experts’ points of view, etc. Sometimes figures can also be used to present data in a term paper. Still, before presenting your data in the form of a table, scheme, or graph, it is better to consult your teacher.

The following statistics may help to effectively support the thesis statement of your treating alcoholism term paper:

  • The percentage of alcohol drinkers in 2006 was 61%;
  • The number of alcoholic liver disease deaths is 12.928;
  • The percentage of people who drank one or more drinks on at least one day was 20% in 2006.
  • To get more information or statistical data on it, visit the following website:
·        Treating alcoholism term paper: Discussion

The next part of your treating alcoholism term paper requires a deep analysis of the data presented. In this part, you may also discuss different points of view on the problem of alcoholism dependence solution.

·        Treating alcoholism term paper: Conclusion

Finally, you need to say what the outcomes of your research are, and what conclusions you have drawn while conducting the investigation.

Take the information presented into consideration, and you are sure to create a perfectly structured paper without any problems.

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