Term Paper Proposal


Term Paper Proposal

Term paper proposal is usually a lengthy project which is assigned to help you decide on the specific term paper topic for your end of semester project. Term paper proposal may vary length from 10 to 25 pages and it usually includes sections devoted to the introduction to the topic, preliminary literature review, methods of research, findings, discussions, and conclusions.

Of course, term paper proposal is not as difficult to write as a term paper itself; however, it does not mean that you may ignore this assignment. Term paper proposal should be well-written as it presents the backbone of your term paper assignment.

This article is devoted to the overview of the term paper proposal to be accomplished within one week only! If you need help with your term paper proposal writing, you may try our professional term paper writing services and get your written term paper proposal in 7 days or even sooner!


Decide on the topic for your term paper proposal. Think about a creative title. It should be unique and yet informative and allow the readers understand what your term paper is about. It should not be a full sentence, but it should contain enough information to give insight into your project.


At this point, you decide how to develop your term paper proposal. You need to brainstorm the chosen topic, write down ideas you have about it, draft the preliminary outline (it can be very easy, indeed). You will use the drafted outline to refine your term paper proposal in the process of writing.


Devote Wednesday to term paper proposal research on the topic. You may have enough knowledge to write a term paper proposal without referring to the secondary resources; however, you will significantly increase the value of your term paper proposal if you use reliable and relevance references throughout the paper.


Once outline is written and research is done, it is time to start writing. Depending on the length of your term paper proposal, you may need several days for the writing process. Of course, you may not be able to write 15-page term paper in a single day.


Book this day for editing, formatting, and revising. You may need to conduct additional research, reconsider the key ideas, rewrite several parts, delete or add chapters, etc. However, your term paper proposal will not be ready at this point yet.


You need to format the whole project correctly. Therefore, you need to check whether the academic format has been maintained, whether you followed all requirements, whether all questions have been answered, and whether all references have been included in proper format.


You may ask your smart friend to read your term paper proposal and share the opinion about the informative value, quality, and format of the whole project. The key phrase here is “smart friend” as you want your term paper proposal to be perfect :).

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