Term Paper on Illegal Immigration and Economy


Term Paper on Illegal Immigration and Economy

The United States of America is the country of immigrants. Some of the immigrants are legal, others are not. Illegal immigration is one of the most serious domestic issues in the country. The problem is not in the fact that illegal immigrants are not registered; but rather in the fact that they cross the border illegally and cannot have full civil rights protection.

Illegal immigrants have a powerful impact on economy. From positive perspective, they are the source of cheap labor. From negative perspective, illegal immigrants take away the jobs from local communities. They pick fruits, clean houses, and clip hedges. They come to the United States with the hope for better future and yet they have to do hard manual work in order to survive and to support their families economically.

Illegal Immigration and Economy Topic Ideas for Term Paper

  • Millions of illegal immigrants come to American cities willing to work for lower wages. Is it ethical to keep prices down by exploiting illegal immigrants’ work?
  • Illegal immigrants depress wages for unskilled workers. Should the government require fair payment for illegal workers?
  • There are more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the country with the majority of them being employed (5% of labor force). Is it morally right for the government to keep wages of illegal immigrants low?
  • It is suggested that illegal immigration reduced the annual earnings of Americans by 4%. Does illegal immigration undermine the economic development of the country?

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