Term Paper Essay


Term Paper Essay

Term paper essay is a project done in two steps:

  1. You write a draft and submit it to your teacher for review
  2. You revise a draft and submit a final paper for grading

There are several essential elements of a well-written term paper essay you should keep in mind while working of your assignment.

Term Paper Essay Elements

  • Good term paper essay must argue a problem. It is recommended to start with a clearly-defined topic and a brilliant thesis statement
  • Good term paper essay should have sufficient number of references. If you manage to include primary sources, your teacher will definitely appreciate your efforts.
  • Great term paper essay does not contain references to online resources, unless they are truly needed for your assignment (governmental reports published online, for example, are a good source of information)
  • Great term paper essay is of sufficient length and does not exceed the length requirements by more than 10%. Too much is not always good as well.
  • Excellent term paper essay has coherent structure, logical flow of ideas, and does not leave any questions open. You need to format the paragraphs properly.
  • Excellent term paper essay is focused on current issues which are interesting and relevant to your course material. Of course, you may not have an opportunity to choose a term paper essay topic all the time, but if you do, do not miss a chance to impress your teacher!

Term Paper Essay: A Note on Plagiarism

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