Term Paper Double Spaced


Term Paper Double Spaced 

Academic term paper writing is a small scientific work that has an aim to check your research and writing abilities. If you do not know which topic to choose for writing, we recommend you to focus on interesting and familiar topics. For example, you may write a term paper about recent political debates or provide an investigation about the history of anti-smoking campaign in California. Your choice of the topic, however, is usually limited by the teacher. It means that you may not be in a position to choose the topic for your term paper writing.

Nevertheless, despite of the topic choice, there are several academic rules to follow while writing. These include:

  • Properly formatted cover page with title of term paper and your name
  • Detailed outline in a format required by your teacher (either bullets or full sentences)
  • Term paper itself including introduction, main body, and concise conclusion
  • Proper in-text citations and referencing style

The typical term paper is double-spaced, written in Arial, 12pt font, APA referencing style.

Term Paper Double Spaced: Academic Work

You should keep in mind that term paper double-spaced is an academic work. It means that you cannot write a good term paper relying on your own opinion or personal reaction to the required readings. Traditionally, term paper writing assignment requires significant research as you need to find reliable evidence (facts and statistics) to support your statements.

Good sources of ideas and evidence for your term paper writing are:

  • College/university library
  • The Internet (refer to reliable sites only!)
  • Required readings and textbook
  • Your teacher and friends

Term Paper Double Spaced: Professional Services

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