School Term Paper


School Term Paper

A school term paper is an independent research project that students usually have to accomplish in the end of the semester. School term papers can take several forms ranging from a historiographical survey up to a focused analysis using the body of a primary source (newspaper, journal, etc.). In this article, you will find the points that should be taken into account when writing a school term paper.

First of all, keep in mind that a school term paper is not just a summary but an analysis of sources. Your purpose is to provide the reader with something that he/she cannot find in the books you read.

Next you should care about is plagiarism. As you while writing school term papers, students have to deal with primary and secondary sources, plagiarism of ideas is something that is difficult to avoid. It occurs when you do not know how to express ideas in your own words and suppose to find out how skillful writers do it. A school term paper will also be considered as plagiarized if you do not cite the quotations properly. So, to avoid it, ask your teacher about the style your school term paper should be formatted in and make sure each idea or quotation borrowed from a certain source is cited in accordance with the rules of the style required.

5 easy steps to a successful school term paper

  1. Choose the topic you are interested in. Remember, your school term paper topic should be interested to you but not your teacher, otherwise, you will lose motivation to writing very soon. Make sure you have enough sources to cover it fully.
  2. Gather material. We recommend you use secondary sources while you are inexperienced in term paper writing. These are reviews and analyses of some books by other researchers. Make sure they are relevant to your topic and up-to-date.
  3. Take notes and outline your ideas. It is important to make notes on what you are reading about. While reading, you draw some conclusions so that they can be a good basis for your notes. Next, just organize your ideas in a logical consecution.
  4. Make parts of your school term paper. Explain the significance of your topic, introduce your thesis statement, present different approaches and points of view on it, interpret these standpoints, and make the final conclusion on the research done.
  5. Edit your school term paper. Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, format, general organization of the paper and how you managed to cover the topic to its full extent.

Writing school term papers is not difficult if you keep in mind the points mentioned above. Good luck!

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