Sample Research Paper Format


Sample Research Paper Format

Formatting a research paper is not such an easy thing, as some students think. They may have some difficulties in formatting reference list, where a certain type of reference should have own format, in formatting a title page, where students make many mistakes, because they set their names after the name of their instructor, etc.

 If you belong to such students, you will be glad to know some secrets of formatting with the help of a sample research paper format.

Originally, there are many styles of formatting. Among them such styles as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian and others are. If you want to know about their format, you may apply to their manuals, published to help students to format their assignments with accordance to a sample research paper format.

If you follow our advice, it will not be so difficult to format your paper in future any more.

The ordinary assignment has such common parts, as;

·         a title

·          an outline

·          an abstract

·          three major parts (introduction, body and conclusion)

·          bibliography

Our writing service includes into attention all these parts, because we understand that mistakes in one of the element part may cost you additional points for writing.

Therefore, we may present you our sample research paper format, which is always for your custom orders.

Sample Research Paper Format

  • Title Page

Here a sample research paper format stresses on right formation of all aspects. Their order should be as follows: first is your name, then, write a name of course, afterwards, your instructor’s name and date on which you submit a paper.

Our writing service does the title page free of charge.

  • The Abstract

This part is devoted to brief statement on your paper ideas and conclusions, according to a sample research paper format. It stays on the beginning of your paper and tells readers about your paper in short words. Keep in mind that this service is paid additionally.

  • The Paper

The paper consists of three major parts, which are the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

You should not mix these parts in order to get a relevant and comprehensive discussion of the problem.

To know more about details of the three-part and five-paragraph research paper, you may apply to our section on this question. The minimum price of the page is 4$. You may find a sample research paper format in order to format everything correct.

  • Reference List

It has another definition, such as bibliography. Here you need to format sources of information according to Manuals of styles. You may use our writing service to order your research paper and you will have a guarantee of getting the reference list free of charge.

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