Research Term Paper


Research Term Paper

Research term paper writing is an academic assignment and you must follow the standard academic rules of writing. Here are several issues you should try to avoid

Here are just several 'NOTs':

  • The research term paper does not copy literally the book and article and is not a synopsis.
  • The research term paper is not written using only one source and is not the report.
  • The research term paper cannot be the literature review, i.e. does not tell about books.

Research paper is the synthesis of available literature on the topic and it must be critical and analytical in essence.

The research term paper consists of several parts:

  • The title page (it is formatted in accordance to school requirements)
  • The table of contents
  • Introduction
  • The main part consisting of chapters
  • The conclusion
  • The reference list

Introduction answers these questions:

  • Why is such topic chosen, why is it important (the personal relation to a topic (a problem), why is it urgent (the relation of a modern society to this topic (problem), what cultural or scientific value does it represent (from the point of view of researchers, academics)?
  • What literature is used: researches, the popular scientific literature, educational, who are authors?
  • What structure of the research term paper is (introduction, chapters, conclusion and appendixes)?

The main part of research term paper consists of several chapters gradually disclosing a topic. Each of chapters considers certain side of the topic. Statements of position are supported with the arguments taken from the literature (citing, data, facts, definitions). Arguments which are borrowed from another author are references to the source and must be cited properly. In the end of each chapter, you must formulate the specific conclusions. The literature list is reference of all sources used for research term paper writing and it must follow the specific rules of the required format.  

Research term paper writing steps:

  • To choose a topic. It should be familiar and interesting. It is desirable that the topic contains problem or the contradiction and concerns a modern life.
  • To define the problem on this topic and a way to solve it. It is necessary to transform the topic into a question
  • To find books and articles on the chosen topic. To make the list of literature
  • To make extracts of books and articles (pay attention to words and expressions)
  • To make an outline for research term paper
  • To write a rough draft for each chapter
  • To show a draft copy to the teacher (lecturer).
  • To write the research term paper.

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