Research Paper Topics


Research Paper Topics

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Choosing research paper topics

It is true that about 50% of all students feel lost when a teacher does not assign research papers topics and give students an opportunity to choose their own subject for exploration. While at the first glance it may appear a blessing, when students sit down and start thinking about the possible topic, they are lost. Here is a list of academic recommendations on how to choose research paper topics effectively.

How to choose coherent and interesting research paper topics

  • Of course, first, you need to look through your class notes on a research paper. Recall the class discussions and you will definitely come up with an interesting and relevant research paper topic.
  • It should be interesting for you. If you have no ideas on Culture of Tribes in the second century, you will make yourself to find something, to write an analysis. In other words, your work on a research paper will be unwillingly. Therefore, you may take a topic related to modern society. For example, state your opinion on green house effect or the Earth pollution. Then you will be able to write your assignment much quicker and easier.
  • Do not take research paper topics from difficult journals or magazines. You need a topic which is of your level and course. Spend more time on searching for a topic and you will spend less time on thinking over it.
  • Your topic should hide some uncovered questions in itself. You need to explore a topic which has several aspects for discussion, at least three of them. Ask yourself whether the chosen topic is appropriate for your classes and courses; whether it is not so difficult; whether you need to broaden or narrow it, etc.
  • Find some supportive material for your topic. You think you have enough sources. If not, choose another topic, which has more available information for discussion. In addition, find some quotes and examples which will be useful to prove your point of view.

Some Research Paper Topics

  • Distant learning: benefits and shortcomings
  • Should government to bend tobacco selling?
  • Health care in different countries: interrelations in the world
  • Drugs and life without them
  • Women’s rights in the modern world
  • English as a second language
  • Voting system: your view on disadvantages and advantages of modern situation
  • History of America in the 1990s

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