Research Paper Proposal


Research Paper Proposal 

Research paper proposal is similar to a project proposal; however, it should address either an academic or scientific research. Traditionally, research paper proposal is focused on extensive literature review offering strong supporting arguments and findings of previously conducted studies. Usually, research paper proposal is the first step of doctoral dissertation. Thus, if you have a well-written research paper proposal, you may eventually write a great doctoral dissertation.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that your research paper proposal should be supported with convincing evidence. The research methods should be clearly outlined in a methodology section. Even if your research paper proposal does not include primary investigation and you refer to secondary articles and books only, you need to state the reasons for the choice of research method.

Proposal Writing

  • The research paper proposal is an intellectual investigation. A written research paper proposal tells your committee what you plan to do, how you plan to do it, and what kind of results you expect to find.  Making projections, you give committee an opportunity to evaluate your knowledge on the subject as well as to assess your research skills. Being clear about research proposal writing objectives, goals, and methods, you will reveal your knowledge. A well-written research proposal is a backbone for thesis writing.
  • Good research paper proposal is written on a good idea or topic. It means that your research paper proposal is devoted a narrow topic which is interesting and has not been thoroughly researched yet. Your task is to enrich the knowledge of others on the topic.  Your research paper proposal should be concise, clearly written, and logically presented.  Vague and fuzzy proposal will likely to lead to unsuccessful pitiful results.
  • Once you have a good research paper topic, you may sit down in the evening and try to freewrite your proposal. It does not mean that you will finish research paper proposal the same evening but rather you will build a foundation for further research, investigation, and outline drafting. Do not think about structure of your research proposal at the moment of freewriting. You will have an opportunity to refine your writing later.

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