Research Paper Cell Phones


Research Paper Cell Phones

The first thing you can do while writing your research paper cell phones is to consider segmentation of the market of mobile phones and describe each type of it:

  • The simplest and cheapest devices (cost less than 100 dollars) are good for your budget. These phones are equipped by additional functions on the minimum level. Here you can find neither synchronization with the computer, nor an organizer…

Do not forget to tell in your research paper cell phones about phones of middle class which are distinguished by wide functionality:

  • These devices have possibility of synchronization with the personal computer, they have rather suitable telephone directory, sometimes an organizer and a vocal set…

You may describe models of phone which are popular among young people:

  • There is a popular belief among manufacturers that young people are ready to spend for phone from 250 to 350 dollars and they need to give such possibility…

You can write in your research paper cell phones about criteria people have while buying the phone:

  • The majority of us while purchasing phone is guided by following criteria:
  1. the price
  2. functionality and technical characteristics
  3. appearance (image)

Strangely enough, the second and third points directly depend on the cost… 

There is the separate category of devices for businessmen:

  • Such phones are functional and sated by new possibilities. They are certainly the most expensive models. These mobile phones combine all modern mobile technologies and design decisions…”

There is a special group of mobile phones - smartphones:

  • Smartphonse are intended for information processing rather than for communication. The smartphone (intellectual phone) is the device combining functions of a mobile phone and the pocket personal computer (handheld computer)…

Research Paper Cell Phones: Writing Process 

It is advisable to give some data on public researches while writing the main part of your research paper cell phones:

  • National institute of ecological researches in the USA has claimed that direct dependence of diseases on influence of electromagnetic waves is not proved definitively, these waves cannot be recognized absolutely safe for health of the person…

Also, you need to express your own opinion about cell phones in research paper cell phones

  • For the present moment there are three confirmed kinds of dangers connected to mobile phones. They are:
  1. Attention loss at a phone conversation during driving.
  2. An attack of robbers for taking away the device.
  3. Creation of hindrances in work of implanted cardiostimulators.

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