Research Essay Topics


Research Essay Topics

If you have been asked to write on an essay topic of your choice, then it makes sense for you to research essay topics so that you can zero in on the best subject for your essay. On the other hand if your essay specifies a list of sources or prescribed readings, the best way for you to proceed is to research essay topics

Start with lecture notes

Most of the prescribed research essay topics can be located in the lecture notes that you have made through the term. Reviewing these notes carefully will point you in the right direction for research and give you a bird’s eye view of the pros and cons of specific research essay topics.

Head to your college library

You can be sure that most of your research essay topics will be easily available in your college library. If this is your first year and you are not familiar with the mechanics of finding a book for research essay topics then ask the library assistant for guidance and help. Once you get used to the system you will be able to find the sources for your research essay topics in no time.

Access on line materials

If you do not have access to the books you are looking for go online. There are numerous sites that offer a subject wise choice of research essay topics. Sites like ‘Questia’ the online library of books and journals, Book rags and Course smart are credible sites on which you can search for research essay topics.

Speed reading

Research essay topics that need extensive reading can be made more manageable through the art of speed reading. This means that you need not read every single word of an article. Usually reading the introduction and conclusion of a literary source will give you a fair idea of what it is all about. The same goes for the speedy reading of chapters and paragraphs. The first sentence of a paragraph will give you an idea of what follows along with sub-headings. This allows you to skip parts that are out of the context of your research essay topics.

Putting it all together

Research the topic in depth as well as breadth. Find out what the latest findings are on a particular subject and see if the data tallies with your own views.  Next you should examine how the research essay topics are related to allied subjects. You need to look at the similarities as well as the differences of research essay topics to get a complete bird’s eye view.

Research essay topics well and you are bound to come up with an essay that sets the academic standard for your class.

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