Research Essay on Herzberg Theory


Research Essay on Herzberg Theory

In order to write an informative research essay on Herzberg theory you have to make a real research about the personality of Frederick Irving Herzberg. This article contains brief but useful information about Frederick Irving Herzberg and the main principles of his theory.

While writing your research essay on Herzberg theory you can mention the following information. Thus, Frederick Irving Herzberg is a famous American psychologist whose name is famous not only in the sphere of psychology, but also in the sphere of business management. One of his main achievements is the creation of the Motivator-Hygiene theory, about which you have to write in your research paper on Herzberg essay.

Speaking about Herzberg’s Biography

Before starting to deal with the theory itself, you have to speak about Frederick Irving Herzberg’s bibliography. The following facts are necessary to be included into your research essay on Herzberg:

  • Years of life: 17 April 1923 – 19 January 2000.
  • Education: City College of New York, University of Pittsburg.
  • Army: served as a patrol sergeant.
  • Employment: Case Western Reserve University – a professor of psychology, University of Utah – a professor of management in the college business.

However, while dealing with the bibliography in your research essay on Herzberg theory, do not forget to analyze the events which took place in his life in terms of their influence on his personality in particular and on his work and achievement in whole. However, do not write too much of his bibliography, as you have to write research essay on Herzberg theory and not on his bibliography.

Writing about Herzberg’s Theory

After you have researched the bibliography, it is a high time to start dealing with his theory in your research essay on Herzberg theory. Thus, he created Motivator-Hygiene theory, which is also known under the title of Two Factor theory of job satisfaction, which he offered in 1959. This theory insists that all the people are influenced by two main factors – motivator factors among which one can find achievement, work, promotion, responsibility, and hygiene factors, among which one can find payment and other benefits, relations with co-workers, supervision, and personal life.

  • When you have described Herzberg’s theory, you should mention the main findings he made with the help of his theory in your research essay on Herzberg theory:
  • people are always dissatisfied because of the bad environment, however, they are not satisfied in the good environment as well;
  • any individual may be highly motivated by some benefits in his work, but still, he may be unsatisfied with his work environment.
  • hygiene needs are always at the zero point and do not have any final answer.

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