Persuasive Research Papers Topics


Persuasive Research Papers Topics: The Main Points  

  • An average student writes over 30 assignments a year. The number of topics is great, and it may seem, that a student is able to write on any topic, however, practical experience tells different.
  • Students should select a topic by themselves or receive a list of them from the instructor. The last half of them has easier way, only to choose a topic.
  • The first half needs an effective way of choosing a topic. Therefore, we want to introduce you some useful information on how to choose great persuasive research paper topics.

Why Are Persuasive Research Paper Topics So Difficult To Choose?

If you have had an experience of persuading someone in some ideas of yours, you have a notion, that it is so difficult to do that, especially if your opponent has strong belief in something.

The example is ever debates about religion. This case shows you that you will have the same difficult task not only to present your opinion on something, but also to persuade in this your opponent, the audience.

Therefore, you need to choose comprehensive, challenging and provoking persuasive research paper topics to make your readers think.

Therefore, you need to choose persuasive research paper topics, which you may use to make readers believe you. However, the last option will be available when you present your ideas in the perfect way.

Some Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • Treatment of cancer should include all possible forms of curing, especially self-curing.
  • Harmful influence of the unlimited Internet use at work places on employees’ activity and company growth.
  • Universities should provide their students with half-time work places to obviate their lack of money, if they need.
  • Modern society needs a new system of IP-addresses tracking.
  • TV-programs should be censured strictly.
  • Too fast technical development may bring new problems.
  • Moderate tyranny is better than democracy.
  • Increasing number of Muslims will wipe Christians off the face of the Earth.
  • Pornography will be an ordinary occurrence in the future

How To Defend Your Point Of View

To choose good persuasive research paper topics is not enough for writing your assignment, as you need to know how to do it. To say that something is wrong is to say nothing. Nobody will hear you, as people have their own opinion. You need to prove your point of view. How to do this job is a subject matter of further discussion.

To argument, use:

  • Examples from real life
  • Only authentic facts
  • Up-to-date statistics and fresh news
  • Citations with its further explanation
  • Photos and movies analyses
  • Strict statements without “I suppose”, “Maybe”, “isn’t it?”, etc.
  • Rhetorical questions

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