Parts of a Research Paper


Parts of a Research Paper

Research paper writing is a long process. Here you should show your ability to find and arrange information for paper writing. You should spend a lot of time in the library searching for appropriate material for you college research paper writing. Collecting material, you form a habit to write all necessary information in your research paper notebook. Notebook is a place to write your research paper ideas, someone’s points of view, quotations, etc. Such notes will be very useful in your further academic research paper writing. Once you have enough material start making research paper outline. Decide what material is more important, what is less. You must have logical outline, it gives you an idea of what you should write about.

Research Paper Outline

Writing English research paper on the topic “War influence on the ecology” you may have the following parts of the paper.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Chapter 1. War and nature – eternal opposition of the interests.
  3. Chapter 2. First address to the problem.
  4. Chapter 3. Influence of the separate kinds of arming on the ecology.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

You may surely change the title of the chapters as you think it should be. This outline is just a sample.

You should write your college paper according the specific research paper format required by your teacher.

Research Paper Conclusion Example:

“The current situation in the world is characterized by a sharp deterioration in the quality of the environment pollution, rivers, lakes, seas, and even complete disappearance of many species of flora and fauna, soil degradation, desertification and so on. The adverse impacts of human activity have spread to the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. This conflict creates threaten of the appearance of irreversible changes in natural systems, disrupt of the natural environment and resources, the existence of generations of people in the world. The growths of productive forces of society, population growth, urbanization, scientific and technological progress are the catalysts for these processes. Therefore, people like the “crown” of Nature creation must understand that we must help each other, interact with each other for a better and prosperous future of our planet! And the most importantly to forget such a terrible word as WAR!”

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