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Common Questions on Term Papers

  • Question 1: “What is the First Step of My Term Paper Writing?”

The first step of term paper writing is a choice of good term paper topic. You should be interested in and familiar with the chosen topic. In most cases, you do not have an opportunity to choose a broad topic because it is assigned by the teacher. Your task is to narrow your topic to a manageable amount and then try to think out the specific elements of your term paper.

  • Question 2: “How to Avoid Plagiarism While Writing My Term Paper?”

It is very easy to avoid plagiarism while writing a term paper. Firstly, you need to write the paper in your own words. Secondly, if you use additional information to support your ideas, you need to reference all sources immediately. In-text citations are needed for direct quotes as well as paraphrased passages. In other words, even if you use only ideas of others without copying, you still have to include a reference.

  • Question 3: “What Are the Good Topics for My Term Paper?”

The following list presents several interesting term paper topics you may take for writing your term paper. Of course, there are many other interesting topics for your analysis; however, the list we offer includes the most interesting and easy ones:

  1. Illegal immigration and its impact of U.S. economy
  2. Discrimination against minorities: is it still present?
  3. Death penalty and capital punishment debate
  4. Should children with learning disabilities be taught at specialized schools
  5. What is the impact on advertising on children
  6. Should smoking be banned completely?
  7. English as global language of business and foreign relations
  8. The role of U.S. on global political arena
  9. Strategies to combat terrorism and the war in Iraq
  10. Palestine-Israel conflict: causes and possible outcomes.
  • Question 4: “Can You Write My Term Paper for Me?”

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