Literature Based Research Paper


Literature Based Research Paper

A literature based research paper is a kind of paper that requires not only profound knowledge in the field of Literature but also deep research on the topic chosen. However, these two aspects are still not enough to make an excellent literature based research paper. Then, what makes a good literature based research paper? You will find the answer to this question below.

1.    A good topic

Under ‘good’ we mean the topic that you are interested in and capable of disclosing to its full extent. Remember, a research paper requires much time, and if you have no interest in what you are writing about, you may lose motivation very soon. So, let us suggest you several literature based research paper topics that may arouse your interest.

2.    Possible literature based research paper topics
  • Theme of loss of paradise in Of Mice and Men
  • The role of imagery in revealing mood in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”
  • The Old Man and the Sea as a Realistic or Romantic novel
  • The theme of isolation in The Old Man and the Sea
  • Matthew Harrison Brady as a tragic hero in Inherit the Wind
3.    A debatable thesis statement

Many students confuse a thesis with statement of a well known and commonly accepted fact. In order to check whether you have formulated a thesis statement but not just have stated something that is already established, ask yourself several questions:

  • Is my personal point of view reflected in the statement created?
  • Can the reader argue this statement?
  • Is my thesis statement specific enough and requires some arguments to backup it?

In order to formulate a thesis statement for your literature based research paper, try to formulate a research question to your topic and give an answer to it. The thesis statement should be given somewhere in the end of the introductory part of your literature based research paper. This method will help the reader get an idea of what you are going to write about further in your paper.

4.    Strong arguments

Any kind of statement needs explanation and proofs. When it concerns writing a literature based research paper, there are no exceptions. So, think over carefully what arguments can be provided in order to persuade people that your thesis statement is the only true. There are different kinds of argument that you can use for this purpose:

  • Real life examples;
  • Statistics;
  • Experts’ points of  view;
  • Reasonable explanations.

 Now that you know some secrets of writing an effective literature based research paper, get down to your task right now and do not put it off!

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