How To Write A Research Report


How To Write A Research Report: The Introduction

Do not start a research report till you do not know exactly how to write each part of the work.

To know how to write a research report means that you must know the structure, style and format. It will be useful to read free research report to know how to write a research paper.

Just collect information about how to write research report, how to write a project proposal as well research report sample, then examine them carefully and begin preparation to the report writing.

How To Write Report Tips

Please, read how to write report tips. The general structure of the research report could be as follows:

1.                  The wording of the report topic (it should be not only relevant but also original and interesting by content).

2.                  The relevance of the study (why the research direction is interesting, what is its importance, what scientists worked in this field, to what questions in this topic has been given insufficient attention, why you chose this topic).

3.                  The purpose of report (in general it corresponds to the wording of the topic and you can specify it).

4.                  The objectives of the study (specify the purpose of the report, "separate" into its constituents).

5.                  Hypothesis (scientifically sound prediction about the possible outcome of study. It is formulated in the case the work is experimental in nature).

6.                  The methodology of the study (a detailed description of all actions related to obtaining results).

7.                  Results of the study. Summary of new information that researcher collected in the process of observation or experiment. In describing the results is desirable to provide clear and brief interpretations of new facts. It is helpful to describe the basic quantitative indicators and to show them on the report charts and graphs.

8.                  The findings of the research. It is desirable to number conclusions: usually no more than 4 or 5.

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