How To Write A Research Paper Guide


How To Write A Research Paper Guide. The Main Ideas

  • The first step in any scientific project is selecting paper topic. Let us assume that you are required to write a fifteen-page paper. Even if you have not narrowed your thoughts down to a definite proposal for your paper, you will probably have a general paper idea of what interests you.
  • Skimming your textbook, an anthology, or a basic work in the given field, is one way to identify likely topics and to know, how to write on it academic papers.
  •  Academic book can give you idea how to write. Talking with your professor is another step.
  • Reference librarians may be able to give you further suggestions.

As any studies bring so many cherished concepts into your question, raising a multitude of urgent new issues, ideas are usually easy to come by.

Determining if a topic is workable is more difficult – especially for new students who may never have faced an academic paper deadline before, or returning students whose library and composition skills are tarnished.

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Unfortunately, not all fascinating ideas can be translated into coherent research papers.

Many scholars prefer to use index cards for tracking references. The big cards (4 × 6 inches and larger) can accommodate notes too.

In the early stages of your research, cards can be sorted into such pragmatic categories as "not on shelf-look again next week", "examined-not useful", "not in library-try interlibrary loan" and "key source-be sure to quote."

If your research is exhaustive, an alphabetically arranged card file can keep you from dashing off to the stacks more than once for the same item. In the final stages of preparing and typing your paper, cards for works, to which you have made references can be culled out and put in order for transcribing the concluding bibliography or notes.

How To Write A Research Paper Guide: When You Need help

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