How to Write a Research Paper


How to Write a Research Paper

A research paper is one more assignment that students are frequently asked to accomplish. If you are inexperienced at research paper writing yet, our tips on how to write a research paper will be just in time for you.

Like in any task, the key point about writing a research paper is that you should learn to organize your work properly. So, the following steps should be taken:

How to write a research paper: Step # 1. Pick a topic

A research paper is a rather serious scientific project, and you should have a conscientious attitude to it. What is more, you need to be enthusiastic about the subject of your work, otherwise, you will lose the interest very soon, and the work might be doomed to failure.

How to write a research paper: Step # 2. Research your topic

Researching the topic means examining all the existing materials and/or some additional information about it. Start with the notes of your professor’s lecture at classes, then visit your school library, and finally, surf the Web. Do not ignore your class notes, as you can find a lot of prompts for writing your research paper there.

How to write a research paper: Step # 3.  Develop a thesis

In fact, a thesis statement is the conclusion you personally came up to after having conducted thorough research. Try not to make your thesis longer than two sentences.

How to write a research paper: Step # 4. Create a tentative plan of your paper

When creating an outline for your paper, mind two important things: 1 – the structure required for research papers; 2 – the logic of your own ideas.

How to write a research paper: Step # 5. Make your first draft

Remember that your research paper should have the following chapters:

  • Introduction;
  • Historical context;
  • Data Presentation;
  • Data Interpretation;
  • Conclusion.

Use transitions between the chapters in order to make your paper coherent.

How to write a research paper: Step # 6. Revise and edit your first draft

Pay attention to the general organization of your paper, the way your thoughts are expressed, stylistics of the sentences, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

How to write a research paper: Step # 7. Print your paper

Usually, a research paper is required to be typed on a white 8.5×11 inch paper, a legible font should be used.

There is one important thing you should know about a research paper if you want to get an A+ on it. Your knowledge of the subject is not enough. Like a rock-climber, you should have a positive attitude towards your task and believe that you will reach the top. Now that you know how to write a research paper, do not waste your time!

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