How To Write A Psychology Paper


How To Write A Psychology Paper: The Main Parts

Students, who were assigned to write psychology paper, indeed must know how to write a psychology paper. However, students, who know how to write academic paper easily understand how to write a philosophy essay, paper, etc.

Let us consider the important components of a psychology paper:

  1. Introduction is brief information about the research, where a paper writer must declare thesis statement.
  2. In the theoretical part, a paper writer must disclose the main key concepts related to the study. Moreover, this problem should be made in the context of historical approaches, explaining the phenomenon, in which paper writer is interested.
  3. Therefore, let us see what main concepts the theoretical paper includes:
    • Psychology paper writer must review contemporary views on phenomenon exploration; mark contentious viewpoints. If the paper is interdisciplinary in nature, there should be a comparison of psychological approach to the studied phenomenon with the reviewing how it is discussed by the representatives of related disciplines.
    • Chosen topic should be discussed in a problematic field of various psychological concepts which contain a description, explanation, determine the possibility of forecasting and correction of phenomenon that English paper writer is interested in.
    • In addition, the theoretical part should contain a rationale hypotheses, goals and objectives of the study. The theoretical part should be summarized by the judgments on the status of the problem, the extent of its development as historical and contemporary perspectives on the phenomenon under investigation.
    • The paper writer should note the least developed and controversial points of view that in the light of scientific and practical significance of the study will be most evident.
  1. Empirical part of the psychology should contain a description of hypotheses, subject and object of research, methods and materials as well as analysis of the results and discussion.

The Sample Scheme of Your Psychology Paper

  1. The hypothesis of the study is an assumption that is in need of verification, confirmation.
  2. The subject of paper writer study: description of the psychological phenomenon that will be investigated.
  3. Goals and Objectives of the paper- specify the subject of study:
    1. Goals:

                                                              i.      Identify

                                                            ii.      Explore

                                                          iii.      Analyze

                                                          iv.      Compare

Criterion of the organization tasks: from the general to private. Tasks should conform to the goals of the paper, disclose and detail them.

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