History Research Paper


History Research Paper: What Is It?

Prior to writing a history research paper, you need to have a clear understanding of its aims and objectives. In essence, history research paper is not different to any other type of academic research paper writing. History research paper should integrate your ideas, opinions, and interpretations of the historical events.

Of course, you must use a number of reliable secondary sources to support your conclusions. However, you should not forget about the important of bringing in your personal opinion on the issues. Otherwise, your paper will be nothing more than literature review.

If your research paper describes something or explains what has happened and nothing more, it is not a good history research paper. Good research paper should also be related to your own point of view. A professional writer never simply describes. On the contrary, a professional writer makes an argument, provides supporting evidence to back up the opinions, and then presents an excellent history research paper fro the judgment of a teacher.

History Research Paper: What about Opinion?

Indeed, when you are writing a history research paper, it is rather difficult to distinguish between your own opinion and the ideas gained in the process of reading. To avoid confusion and plagiarism issues, you may consider using notecards to record the ideas gathered from secondary information.

A typical notecard should have the author’s name, year of publication, and a page number where the quote or idea is presented. Thus, you will never have problems with distinguishing between your own ideas and the ones taken from the secondary research.

History Research Paper Referencing

Taking into account that your task is to write a research paper, you cannot avoid conducting a thorough research. What does it mean? It means that you need to utilize the resources available on your topic. In particular, you need to go to the college/university library, check reliable online publications, look though books and journal articles, and take advantage of informative catalogues.

We would like to draw your attention to the online resources, especially personal blogs, free essays, and Wikipedia or similar project. You should take into account that such sources are not reliable and will never be accepted by your instructor as evidence for history research paper writing.

The following list presents a number of interesting history research paper topics you may consider for your own project.

Topics for a History Research Paper

  • Christopher Columbus and his discovery
  • Preconditions of Hitler’s accession to government
  • The greatest wars of 20th century
  • The European Union and its aim
  • Biography of Barack Obama

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