Help with Research Paper Writing


Help with Research Paper Writing

A research paper is the outcomes of your research on the chosen topic. It should be based on your own thoughts and gathered facts from the variety of sources. This kind of assignment will turn out extremely useful for you, as you are sure to become experienced in gathering and analyzing information, organizing your ideas, and presenting them clearly. If you need help with research paper writing, you can find it in this article.

Help with research paper writing: Getting started

After your tutor approves the topic you have chosen, start gathering information from authoritative and credit sources: encyclopedias, journals, magazines, pertinent books, etc. A lot of reliable resources are now available through electronic services, and you can benefit from them.

Help with research paper writing: Taking notes

As you explore the sources, take a separate note of each quotation or fact you may wish to use while preparing your paper. It would be also rather wise to use index cards when making notes. Include there information about the author (his/her name) and the page number on which the fact appears.

Help with research papers writing: Creating an outline

Using an outline can help you find connections between some pieces of information. A comprehensive outline will also help you find out what material is not really relevant to your topic and which one it is better to remove.

Help with research papers writing: Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious offense, and you should do your best to avoid it. Even if you paraphrased someone’s idea you still borrow it meaning it should be cited according to the style required. After the text of your paper is completed, check it for plagiarism one more time by using a free online plagiarism detector.

Help with research paper writing: Working with quotes

Quotations should make no more that ¼ of the entire document. Take it into account when writing your paper, otherwise, you may be given the paper back for revision. Usually, quotes that constitute in the text fewer than five lines should be set off with quotation marks [“…”].

Help with research paper writing: Creating an introduction

The introductory part should present the information on the purposes of investigation, the methods used for research, and the expectations from it.

Help with research paper writing: Working with data

Data can be presented in words or in a form of figures including graphs, tables, schemes, etc. Make sure they are labeled.

Help with research papers writing: Referencing

All the sources used for research should be presented on a separate page and alphabetized by the authors’ names.

Take advantage of the help with research paper writing we offer, and you are sure to cope with the task successfully.

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