Help on Writing a Research Paper


Help on Writing a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is almost always a challenge for students. It turns out to be so problematic either because of the lack of experience in research paper writing or inability to organize time and writing actions.

This article is meant to provide help on writing a research paper. Here, you will find the steps necessary to take in order to make an informative, well structured, and properly formatted paper.

Help on writing a research paper: Step 1. Picking a topic

  • Deciding on a topic to consider in a research paper is always a big problem, since making a decision is always challenging. So, just take into account your personal preferences, the reader’s interest, and significance of potential research paper topic.

Help on writing a research paper: Step 2.  Surfing the Web

  • You are not allowed to use the first source found on the Web. First, make sure that the information found is valid and reliable. Though, it is better to look for information only on educational, governmental, or the official websites of the world famous organizations.

Help on writing a research paper: Step 3. Reading and analyzing the information gathered

  • Remember, a good research paper does not need dry retelling of the books read. Your purpose is to analyze the information read from the inside. So, find out the points of controversy in different positions on the problem. Think why they think in different ways and what makes them think so. Take notes.

Help on writing a research paper: Step 4. Making outline

  • Arrange your thoughts and ideas you are going to present in the research paper logically. Perform them in a form of some figure(e.g. graph, table, or scheme).

Help on writing a research paper: Step 5. Creating parts

  • Introduction –present the problem under consideration, explain why it is important, and tell what you think about it;
  • Historical Context – tell about the works in which this problem has already been touched upon;
  • Data Presentation & Discussion – give your analysis of the problem;
  • Conclusion – tell about the outcomes of your research.

If you need more help on writing a research paper, there is no better advisor than your teacher. You can also ask teachers from the academic staff for advice. They are always ready to provide students with help on writing research papers.

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