Help on Research Paper


Help on Research Paper

The vast majority of students give way to despair when being assigned to write a research paper. No wonder, since the term research paper itself tells you about the investigation you have to conduct. It seems you are not ready enough to do independent research. Still, this feeling may be just a fear. Besides, this article can serve you as effective help on research paper.

·        Help on research paper: Step 1

Pick a problem under consideration. Remember, it should be interesting to you, your reader, and moreover, it should be specific. So, think of your personal priorities in the field of study, select the one you like most of all, and narrow it down to a certain research question. It will be the main focus of your paper.

·        Help on research paper: Step 2

Find enough sources to develop the idea and cover the topic to its full extent. Some teachers disapprove the sources of age more than 10 years old. That is why pay attention to the year of publication before you include a certain book into the reference list or refer to it while writing. Web sources are also useful, though, not always valid. You can use online sources if they are taken from:

  1. Educational websites;
  2. Governmental websites;
  3. Websites of the world famous organizations and societies.
·        Help on research paper: Step 3

Analyze the material found and take notes. While reading, you draw certain conclusions on certain issues. So, outline briefly these conclusions on a paper. They will help you make a plan of your future research paper.

·        Help on research paper: Step 4

Formulate your thesis statement and think of the ideas that might help you backup your opinion. This may be statistical data, facts, real life examples, experts’ viewpoints, etc.

·        Help on research paper: Step 5

Make a plan of your paper. Arrange all the ideas and thoughts logically. You may do it either in a form of scheme/table/graph or in words.

·        Help on research paper: Step 6

Make parts of your research paper. It should consist of the following chapters:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Literature Review;
  3. Data Presentation;
  4. Analysis;
  5. Conclusion.
·        Help on research paper: Step 7

Make the first draft by joining the parts together. Make sure your paper is coherent.

·        Help on research paper: Step 8

Proofread and edit your first draft.

Thus, consecutively, you will manage to create a well structured research paper and will certainly get an A+ on it!

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