Guide To Writing Term Paper


Guide To Writing Term Paper

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Guide to writing term paper defines a term paper as written assignment carried out by the student during long term (from one week to one month). It is a short statement of essence of any question, a topic on the basis of one or several books, monographs or other primary sources. The term paper should contain the basic actual data and conclusions on a case.

Guide to writing term paper subdivides work on term paper into three stages conditionally:

  1. The preparatory stage including studying of research object
  2. A statement of studying results in the form of the coherent text
  3. The oral message on a term paper topic

Guide to writing term paper describes preparatory stage more clearly:

  • The topic formulation. The spadework over the term paper begins with the topic formulation.
  • Search of sources. Competently formulated topic fixes a studying subject.
  • Guide to writing term paper begins with work with sources, which should be with fact-finding reading.

At the end of a preliminary stage, it is possible to pass directly to term paper text writing. The term paper text should submit to certain requirements: it should open a topic, possess connectivity and integrity.

What Are the Main Parts Of Term Paper?

Guide to writing term paper gives you the universal plan of the scientific text, besides the topic formulation, assumes a statement of an introduction material, the basic text and the conclusion.

  • Introduction is an initial part of the text. In introduction the reason of research urgency is given, i.e. practical and theoretical value of the given research comes to light. Introduction volume is about 10 % from term paper total amount on the average.
  • The basic part of the term paper opens the topic content.
  • The conclusion is last part of the scientific text. The received results represent the answer to the main question of research.

The term paper of any level of complexity is necessarily accompanied by the list of the used literature. Names of books in the list are alphabetically given.

The Typical Errors While Writing Term Paper

Our guide to writing term paper advices you to avoid typical errors, for example:

  1. A superficial statement of the basic theoretical questions of the chosen topic, when the author does not understand what problems the main things are, and what problems minor ones are in the text,
  2. Do not open the basic aspects of a topic chosen for the term paper,
  3. Literal copying of books, articles, extracts of term papers from the Internet etc.

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