Good Term Paper


What Is a Good Term Paper?

Good term paper is an academic project which meets all requirements including graphical aspects such as format, language use, structure, reference list, and title page, and contextual meaning aspects, including thesis sentence, conclusion, analysis, evidence of research, and lack of plagiarism.

Every instructor has his/her own rules for term paper writing. Nevertheless, there are standard rules of writing which must be followed by all writers, without exceptions. This article will help you write a good term paper while ensuring all vital elements are present.

Parts of a Good Term Paper

Traditionally, a good term paper should have clearly divided introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion section. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence which presents the key idea you plan to discuss in your term paper. Furthermore, each paragraph should be approximately 6-8 sentences (or 100 words) in length. It means that on average you should have 3 paragraphs on a page.

Furthermore, introduction should have a clear thesis statement which expresses the main idea for the whole term paper. Thesis statement should not only direct the readers to the key ideas but also show the key points you will disclose. Yes, it is a challenging task to writer a good thesis statement.

Regarding conclusion, it should bring a logical sense of completion. It should not be a mere summary but rather an overview of the whole paper. You need to restate the thesis statement and make the final remarks about the term paper project.

Good Term Paper Topics

Good term paper is always based on a good topic. If you have an opportunity to choose your own topic for writing, you may try one of the following for your project:

  • Does a woman have duties of a man today? What has influenced gender roles in modern times?
  • Growth of famous athletes’ salaries and its impact on their sport achievements
  • Junk food in schools, colleges, and universities: legal, social, and economic perspectives
  • Impact of toys on development of children: are all toys good for kids?
  • International trade system and the role of WTO: are the poor becoming poorer?
  • Censorship on television: is it justified or should we have the right to choose what and when to watch?
  • Impact on divorce on children and adults

Secrets of Good Term Paper Writing

  1. Before writing, define type of your term paper: argumentative, persuasive, expository, narrative, research, and so on.
  2. Find challenging, interesting, topical, extraordinary topic for your good term paper.
  3. Use reliable academically acceptable supporting information. Try to use interesting sources and interesting data.

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