Female Circumcision Paper


Female Circumcision Paper

            Female circumcision is wrong in its essence because the young girls who undergo it do not have legal status and protected rights in their communities and cannot challenges the rules imposed by male-dominated society.  Moreover, reasons in favor of female circumcision are rather weak and are rooted in cultural specifics rather than logic or proven facts.  Female circumcision has become a required procedure in most of the African countries and other underdeveloped regions of the world.  There is increasing concern that female circumcision is just another tool to deprive women of sexual pleasure and impose fear through pain.

            While there is a misrepresentation of female circumcision in Western society and many civilized societies do not understand the practice through cultural perspective, female circumcision does not bring any physical or psychological benefits to women.  In most cultures supporting female circumcision, the practice is rite of passage to socially acceptable adulthood.  In other words, a woman who has not undergone circumcision rite is considered to be unclean and unworthy of marriage. Evidently, this perception of circumcision as an integral part of maturity process is based on historical oppression of women.

            In some societies, female circumcision is imposed on women as a sign of courage.  Circumcision process is very painful especially when carried out on older people.  Nevertheless, there is also another side of this issue:  pain creates fear and motivates women to be obedient to men.  Women are convinced that circumcision is a form of reproductive aid. Moreover, women are forced to believe that circumcision enhances sexuality.  The only reason why circumcision deserves existence is the fact that in some societies it protects young girls from rapists and seducers. The other reasons are socially imposed and are aimed at making women obedient and voiceless members of male-dominated society. 

            For example, in Masai society, circumcision is an essential part of socialization into adulthood.  It is an integral part of socialization towards recognition of young women as adults in their societies.  Those who are not circumcised are considered to be unclear and not prepared to marry and bear children.  In other words, if a woman is not circumcised, she will not be able to marry and is very likely to become an outcast in her society.  Circumcision is, therefore, purely psychological and there is no proven link between circumcision and an ability to bear children.  Women are simply forced to undergo a painful procedure in order to become silent servants to their husbands.  

            Moreover, researchers point out that female circumcision is seen as an act of protection against Western influence.  In other words, Western women oppose female circumcision while traditional groups strive to protect their practice of female circumcision in response to opposition.  Traditional societies vigorously fight for their right to circumcise women because they believe in protecting them against Western influence.  Thus, female circumcision is a part of culture and serves as a religious obligation.  It may be normal for some societies, however, the essence of the procedure is absolutely morally wrong.  Women are deprived of their physical ability to sexual pleasure and have no other choice but to undergo the painful procedure to be accepted as a full member of society.

            Female circumcision does not make women better or more beautiful.  While the concept of beauty is a matter of subjective judgment and it depends on cultural peculiarities, female circumcision does not make women better.  In other words, circumcision does not have any positive impact on women.  On the contrary, female circumcision results in psychological suppression of women:  they undergo a painful procedure to correspond to the values of their societies.  Otherwise, uncircumcised women are under risk of being treated as unclean and unworthy.  It is justifiable to state that female circumcision serves the only purpose:  to confirm women’s inferior position in male-dominated societies.

            The situation is even worse taking into account that among practicing societies, every women is circumcised.  Women who are not circumcised for any reason are at risk of becoming prostitutes or members of slave groups.  Moreover, men are taught that circumcised women will become good wives.  Circumcision reduces female sexuality and limits the possible enjoyment level of sex for women.  In addition, the day of circumcision is presented as an event of accomplishment and recognition.  Women must undergo pain but it gives them an opportunity to become more attractive for men.  This belief is imposed by men who do not consider women being of equal importance or having the same rights.

            In conclusion, female circumcision is absolutely wrong in its essence. It is a procedure that causes significant pain to women and eliminates an opportunity to enjoy sexual life.  Women are forced into circumcision because the denial will result in complete social isolation.  Female circumcision does not serve any positive function and is a symbol of traditional male-dominated society.  Finally, female circumcision is a violation of fundamental rights of women.

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