ESL Research Paper


ESL Research Paper

Are you a learner of English as a Second Language? Are you in despair for the challenge you face at the moment? Do you have to write ESL research paper which seems to be overcomplicated to you, the non-native English speaker? Out of mind all doubts and fears! This article will help you cope with your ESL research paper successfully and get the highest mark on it!

The first thing you need to when working on your ESL research paper is to set a purpose of your paper. What you are going to explore is not the only thing that matters in this case. You also have to identify why the paper has been written and how you hope to prove the purpose set. With these ideas in mind, here is the approach that will certainly help you.

  • Write your ESL research paper with the idea in mind that the reader wants to know something new about the topic. It means that you have to analyze the information you work with. The reader does not need a summary but rather wants to know the answers to the questions ‘why’ and ‘how’.
  • A good ESL research paper is impossible without quotations. However, any quotation should not “free stand” in your paper. If so, the reader will not understand what quotes are doing in your paper. So, while writing your ESL research paper, try to make judicious use of quotations. Try to distinguish between important and unnecessary, relevant and irrelevant. One more thing about quotations in ESL research papers is that they should be cited properly. If they are not, your paper will be regarded as plagiarized, and this threatens you expulsion from college/university.
  • There is one more thing that professors take into consideration when assessing ESL research papers. This thing is language. A freshman may use confirmation while writing, and his grade will not be much reduced. However, a graduate student should attempt to use something more complicated. For instance, such sentences as “The 19th century is different because there is more feeling, more emotions in it. That is why it is called Romantic Era” will certainly become the reason for a poor ESL research paper.

Finally, remember about the importance of structuring your ESL research paper according to the standards adopted by the authority of your institution. Never hesitate to consult your teacher and ask questions. This will help you not to lose your way when working on your ESL research paper.

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