English Research Paper


What Do You Know About English?

Maybe you know that nearly 410 million of people speak English as their native language, and 1 billion of people speak English as second language. Maybe you know that 75% of English words are loanwords. Maybe you know that French and Latin are the languages which have influenced English. Even if you know these three factors, you may consider yourself guru in English. Almost 50% of people, speaking English do not know anything about it, except that English is one of dominant languages in the world. To make you know more about English, your instructors have assigned you to write an English research paper.

What Should You Do In An English research paper?

  • This paper should present your knowledge of English, its structure, development, history and other aspects. Your task is to find as much information as possible. Then you will be able to choose a relevant topic proceeding from your reflections over generated data and found facts.
  • Your English research paper should analyze facts and find some relations between objects. You should turn on your critical thinking and discuss your subject matter from various points of view.

What Are The Main Components Of A Good English research paper?

  • The aim of a good English research paper is to present your ideas in a logical order, therefore follow academic structure, which should include three major parts. In the introduction you state the purpose of your research, thesis sentence and definitions of terms, if you use any. In the body, you discuss the main aspects of writing, including examples, diagrams and schemes. Finally, in the conclusion, you restate your thesis sentence and give explanation to the whole paper, making some conclusions over your investigation and expectations.
  • Do not forget about a title page, a table of contents and a reference list. Pay attention to the fact that we produce these pages free of charge, so you may not worry about the outline or Works Cited.
  • Creativity and original thoughts. You should reveal your understanding of a subject, formulate structure of English and mention its history.

Topics For An English Research Paper

  • Explore the history of English language and focus on the analysis of how it became a global language for communication
  • Focus on the culture of English language, turn to Shakespeare, and other famous English writers
  • Explore the differences between British English and American English from both cultural and lexical perspectives

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