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Thesis Writing: What Should You Know First Of All?

The prospect of writing a thesis of 80,000 words or more can seem daunting to a research student. Writing a thesis of a big size requires substantial planning, skill and time, and academic writing has particular conventions, which present additional challenges, even to experienced writers.

 In addition, examiners will expect a thesis to conform to a certain style conventions and particular standards of prose, structure and coherence. If your thesis falls down in its writing style, an examiner may think that you did not put much attention to the work in definite areas, and may judge your work more harshly.

 Writing a thesis, you must know particular requirements of thesis writing, guidelines for good English thesis writing, and strategies, which assist you in producing a well-written, well-structured thesis in the most efficient way.

Thesis Ideas: The Main Advices

The thesis can seem a horrendously big job to undertake.

  • The best advice is to see this big project as a series of smaller ones - not so much 80,000 words as a number of chapters, each containing a series of smaller essays, all contributing to a topic - answering a research question or testing hypotheses.
  • The first step on such a journey begins with one small step, as in the old saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”
  • A good way to motivate you to write, and to organize the latest drafts of different chapters, is to get a large spiral binder and dividers; and create a section for each planned chapter.
  • You might even start by creating the title page of each section: Chapter 1, Introduction; Chapter 2, Literature review; Chapter 3, Method … and so on.

 Even if you do not know, what will be in the chapters, your thesis now has a clear structure. As you complete a draft of each chapter, you place it in the relevant section of the spiral folder, and, if necessary, remove previous versions.

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