Controversial Term Paper Topics


Controversial Term Paper Topics

Students taking Writing Classes are frequently assigned to write papers on controversial topics including essays, term papers, and research papers. Sometimes it is really difficult not only find good controversial term paper topics but even identify them. If you face the same challenge, this article will turn out much useful to you.

In order to make a good choice of controversial term paper topics, you should understand what the term ‘controversial’ means. So, some definitions of controversial term paper topics are certainly something that can be much beneficial:

  • Controversial term paper topics are the questions difficult to give direct answers to;
  • Controversial term paper topics are the problems that seem to be impossible for people to come to a single conclusion;
  • Controversial term paper topics are the topics that most people would like to discuss but will divide if start discussing them;
  • Controversial term paper topics are the subjects that you might wish to express your opinion on but it will be difficult for you to support it.

 Some of the most frequently discussed controversial term paper topics are:

  • Abortion;
  • Affirmative action;
  • Death penalty;
  • Gay marriage;
  • Gun control, etc.

So, you may select one of them, narrow it down to a certain problem and give your opinion about it in your term paper. If though, you need more interesting and specific controversial term paper topics, take advantage of the ones presented below:

  • Can the attack of Iraq be justified by the 11September 2001 attack of the World trade Center?
  • If you are a Pro-Life person, why do you still eat meat?
  • Should a people willing to foist his/her moral opinions on other people be responsible for those?
  • Should certain breeds of dogs (e.g. Pit Bull) be banned?
  • The Western Countries make a great deal out of “Free Speech Rights”. Are there any examples from the history when these rights were neglected?
  • Does the death penalty make a negative impact on our social fabric? Why?
  • Is the Quota System in India really effective means of bringing social equality?
  • What does the existence of places like Guantanamo say about the freedom-loving principles of the USA?

Remember, after you select a certain topic, you cannot start writing your paper at once. You should consult your teacher on the appropriateness of the topic chosen.

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