Biology paper term


Biology Paper Term

Biology paper term requires to be written carefully, with a lot of definitions and explanations. Only theory is not acceptable here, so the practical research would be considered as the higher grade. This kind of term papers discloses all about biology.

Biology is a science about wildlife and natural laws which control it. The biology studies living organism from bacteria to the higher plants and animals, a constitution and functions of living beings as well as their assemblages, laws of their ability to live.

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The main parts of this assignment can be the following:

  • Disclosing of the term “biology”: “Biology (from Greek language bios is life, logos is a science) is introduced in the beginning of XIX century. Biology is a science about life, its forms and natural laws of development. A subject of its studying is the variety of died and living beings nowadays occupying the Earth, their constitution (from molecular to anatomico-morphological), functions...”
  • biology paper term posing biology as a complex science: “The modern biology represents a complex, system of sciences. Separate biological sciences or disciplines have arisen owing to process of differentiation, gradual isolation concerning narrow ranges of...So, thanks to the studying of organic fauna, plants, the elementary cells, microorganisms, viruses and phages there was an allocation of quality such extensive independent ranges as zoology, phytology, a protistology, microbiology, virology...”
  • biology paper term showing the basic methods of biology: “The basic methods of biology are supervision (allows describing the biological phenomena), comparison (gives the chance to find the general laws in a constitution and ability to live of various organisms), experiment...”
  • Stages of development of biology: “Interest to knowledge of the living beings world has arisen at the earliest stages of mankind origin, reflecting practical needs of people. For them this world was a source of means of subsistence, as well as...”

Also you can see the topic which can be used for the biology paper term writing:

  • Physiological aspects of hypnosis
  • Stages of anthropogenesis and biosocial changes at each stage
  • Veterinary science 
  • Interaction of a society and the nature
  • Water - the seas, oceans
  • Dinosaurs
  • Protection of environment
  • Auk in the woods - the Wood grouse 
  • Carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Evolution – Darwin theory

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