APA Style Term Paper


APA Style Term Paper

Sometimes students have an assignment to write an APA style term paper, but they even do not know what APA style is and even more they do not know how to format their APA style term paper according rules, as one can be lost in searching for citation format in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Therefore, especially for such students, we have prepared alternative of reading and using some general rules of formation. If you will do everything half right, you may not be concerned with your points, as your good grade will be in force (if only you have a good research).

We suggest you to carry out a race with our tips! Let Us Start!

First Gear

Generally, use of APA style has three layers of formation, such as documentation (is for references and citations – their right format differs from MLA style and your instructor will consider this while valuing your APA style term paper. Be attentive), page format (margins, space and font) and text rules (where you use citations, write numbers, footnotes, use statistics and diagrams in the certain format). Here we will try to discuss all of them.

You may not remember all rules, but you need to know general appearance of an APA style term paper to be able to format your paper independently in the future.

Second Gear

Here we state only true facts (do not think that everything above is wrong, but this section is certain rules for an APA style term paper). Some general facts about APA style term paper appearance:

  • Use 1 inch margins
  • A header  is ½” away from top
  • 10 – 12 size format
  • One side of paper is for writing
  • Use Roman numerals for an outline
  • Use double space
  • You should capitalize source titles
  • Third Gear
  • Do not forget about text rules, where you need to stick to the certain rules too. They are:
  • Do not use passive voice
  • Spell numbers from 0-9 and write figures for 10 and more,
  • Comment on every citation you have
  • Do not use a first person. Nowhere!
  • Poetic and philosophical words and statement are excluded
  • Divide your discussion into three major parts
  • Direct quotations are excluded

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