American History Research Paper


American History Research Paper

When your History teacher wants to check your knowledge of the subject, your critical and analytical thinking, he/she might ask you to write an American history research paper. There are a lot of periods, events, and personalities that may be discussed in the American history research paper, and if you are free to choose any, you may get confused easily. What to write about? What to focus on? This article can be your guide to writing a good American history research paper. Here, you can find the steps to take as well as some American history research paper ideas.

·        Write the American history research paper about top 10 US Presidents

Among 43 men who were the presidents of the US, there are some truly influential personalities that might be interesting to consider in the American history research paper. They are:

  1. Abraham Lincoln;
  2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt;
  3. George Washington;
  4. Thomas Jefferson;
  5. Andrew Jackson;
  6. Theodore Roosevelt;
  7. Woodrow Wilson;
  8. Harry S. Truman;
  9. James K. Polk;
  10. Dwight Eisenhower.

In your American history research paper, tell what the contribution of these men into the development of American history was.

Write the American history research paper about the most influential first ladies

In the history of America, some unique women fulfilled the role of the first lady playing important roles within their husbands’ administration. So, in your American history research paper, you may talk about:

  • Dolly Madison;
  • Sarah Polk;
  • Caroline Harrison;
  • Edith Wilson;
  • Eleanor Roosevelt;
  • Jacqueline Kennedy, and some others.

Talk about their function as the first ladies and some significant missions they fulfilled.

Write the American history research paper about the Mexican War

Certainly, your American history research paper should be devoted to the person who was regarded to be the best wartime President, James Knox Polk. Analyze his captainship skills and his strategy of taking Mexican territory in California by force.

Take advantage of the American history researchpaper ideas given above if you want to write about something unique, intriguing, and exclusive.

Steps to take:

  1. Find enough up-to-date and valid sources. Use sites with “.edu” and “.gov” domain. Newspapers like New York Times or Los Angeles Times are also acceptable;
  2. Analyze different positions of researchers and critics on the personality or event you consider. Develop your personal statement;
  3. Make a plan;
  4. Write chapters of your research paper;
  5. Edit your final draft.

Writing an American history research paper is not only interesting but also useful as you become more experienced in researching historical events.

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